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Thursday, 13 October 2011


 Hello dollies! I was reading a blog the other day and I got this great idea. What is our SD outfit History like? I mean, we all remeber our first purchase and our first saved doll, first outfit and whatnot, but let's look a bit into my SD "Scrapbook". And Yes, I did this in my album, classy, I know;P

Ok, this are my baby years. Somebody else dresses babies, and here I just followed what all non-ss are wearing. Letting them dress me. I'm new and afraid to test the style waters so I just go for baby clothes. That's sad.
Now were in my "little girl" stage. I'm obsessed with flowers and bows, especially in my hair. I like wearing bright colours long necklaces. Btw: This was after my first ss day. Those earings were my first Hotbuys and I bought the platinum blonde hair color and was OBSESSED with it.
Right, I'm in my teens now. I'm a full on superstar and trying out all the hair and features available to me. my style has evolved a little but I'm still stuck in boring-world. It's stardoll, you can wear whatever you want! But I hadn't realised that yet. This is the stage where you are on the experimenting with style, but still playing it way too safe.
Obviously, we are now in the 'Discovery' stage. Also known as the "What the hell was I thinking" stage. I was hooked on that bob and bunny-ears like, FOREVER. And with it my style was bordering on weird. In this stage you have discovered that you can wear whatever you want, but this knowledge overwhelms you so much you DO wear whatever you want. And you, of course, overdo it.
 And then finally, you reach my current stage. One where you know your style. You wear interesting outfits that seem fashionable to you and you are at peace with how you look. There is a balance of originality and trend. This is the stage where most dolls are in.

There is, of course, a next stage which I have yet to reach. Many Elites are there already. (That's not me) It's called the creative stage. It's when you see a medoll with an GORGEOUS dress and you want to take it of to see the label, and you realise it's a lot of interior items, or a hundred different pieces of unique clothing added tohether to form an amazing dress.This is stage usually happens when SD clothes is just not pretty enough, or maybe they get boring, and you feel you can make something better...

Well, that's what my random post is about. All I want to know is: Which stage are you in? Do you want to showcase your own Outfit History? Then do it!

 P.s. I saw myself on the catwalk today! That is soooo weird! I didn't even know it was possible! Have you ever seen yourself there? What are the chances that out of  130 000 000 members you would see yourself?!

I'm the one on the right;)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Glitches--5purpleprincess Investigates

Hi sorry for not posting in ages i joined year 9 in  September and we have so much homework four a night 
.That is why I have not posted for a while sorry peeps.A friend is looking after my account for me at the moment

There are many glitches on stardoll such as strangely priced clothes and loading problems!I will show a few and why they are so annoying!

What are glitches:
Glitches are mistakes or errors made than should not really of happned in the first place
My first example is the antidote archive glitch that happened about a month or so ago
Here is a picture of the bag it came in:
It seemed like an antidote because of the bag but really it was just a glitch!It was eventually turned into an archive!loads of people bought the dress thinking it was a cheap antidote which eventually could be made a nice profit from.So loads of people wasted their money its a bit suspcious huh like stardolll are doing glitches to cheat us out of are money.I  will show more examples of this below!

My second example is the killah glitch
You cant really see but everything costed 123sd I know that not many people bought them at that price.But stardoll have done it again a price glitch.

Annoying glitches: 
There are also glitches that are just plain annoying like this one for instance to skirts exactly the same ,same shop but one cost 4sd and the other costs 6sd!

Or even more annoying when stardoll does not categorize  items properly you don't wear a lamp lol xxx

Strange glitches:
Strange glitches can occur like this ELLE one.Since when did ELLE run out and have red crosses?
Contacting stardoll:Even contacting stardoll can be a problem they take a week at most to reply to messages and when you do get a message back it either says they are working on it or it is very vague.

Conclusion:There are so many glitches on stardoll that could really be avoided and sometimes stardoll seem to do them for your money?Also stardoll are not the most reliable at replying to messages!Please get you act together stardoll and get these sort of glitches sorted!

What are your thoughts?
Do you think they  could be avoided?

Stay tuned for more 5purpleprincess Investigates

Monday, 3 October 2011

New doll

Click Here to dressup
So that was her :D She looks gorgeus! But actually i don't know her ;/
 Do you like the graphic?

October Hotbuys :D


Yes! They are finally  here! After being late week, these Hotbuys are worth waiting for! Have a look at the October Hotbuys:  
I think they are abdolutely GORGEOUS!! Most of them. My favs are the skirt, tights and basically all the tops. I don't like the dress though... Anyway, are you excited? Which ones do you like most and will you buy any?

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Grand Finale On

     ♥ Miss StardollWorld