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Friday, 30 September 2011

Hot Buys:
Flamenqo Dress: 
Will you buy it?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Stardoll Feature!

I have noticed that stardoll have put a new feature in our suites! just go to a normal room (not the wordrobe one) and look down the side of the room on the left and you should see this: 

and this should come up, i dont have clothes in my wardrobe so i cant show you but this is what come up for me. Enjoy! 

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Non-SS Hair Dye

Dorée Hair Dye for only 60SC!!! There's a hair dye that's selling for 60SC. It's not in the Dorée shop though.

1: Click on 'Search' 
2: Click on Dorée
It'll be on the 4th page in the 3rd row.(:

Stardoll tends to do this. The Summer MSW highlights were for sale for 6SC and it was on display for 6SD.LoL Sadly they changed it, but mostly everybody got it before they figured it out.

-Mi Mi

How to make some cool designs

Hello guyz :)
The previous time I show you how to make a creative suite and now I'll show you how to make some cool designs on stardoll..
So first of all you must know what you want to design..You can get inspired by starplaza's clothes,by magazins or anything else you want..

Here are some of my designs:

This time I'll show you how you can make a dkny t-shirt..






So if you know how to make this you'll also be able to make designs like this but with whichever logos you want.Also you can add a print in order to make it even better :)

Did you like it?Would you like me to show you how to design more of my designs?if yes which?

Anyway thats all for now :)
Bye :)

Stardoll History: Lotto dresses

Hello dearest dollies! Told ya I'd fix my banner;)

Recently, I've been looking into some stardollian history and I find it very interesting. So I decided to do some posts about it, because I couldn't really find something that explained it all to me. Especially if you're new to SD you don't understand what everybody is talking about (I didn't) when they say: "lotto dress" "MKA RC" any of you heard that before and have no idea what the hell this person is on about? Let me help you with my first SD history post;)

Lotto Dresses

Yes, we've all heard the word. When SD hit 20 million users they gave away 20 VERY exclusive dresses to random users. Some people claim it was mostly given to non-ss while others say it was given to users with the most starpoints. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Well here they are:
Bai Ling dress;Midnight Blue dress;Christina Malan Gown; Britney Gown; Lily Cole gown

Jennifer Lopez Dress;Beige Dress;Gold-Black Dress;Green Dress;Luisiana Dress;Miley Cyrus Dress

Pale Blue Gown;White wedding gown;Pink wedding gown;White Blue Wedding Gown

Kylie Gown; Black-white dress; Lindsay lohan Gown

These are only 18 0f the 20. I couldn't find a stardoll user with the last two dresses, they seem to be the rarest.

The first thought when looking at these pics are that some are absolutely GORGEOUS while others are really badly made. But some of the ugliest one's are the most wanted! Stardoll users will pay thousands of SD's to get a dress like this.
People are often hacked if they have a lottery dress, that's why most lotto's are kept in storage. 
The Stardoll user with the most Lottery dresses I have heard of is FickyFicky, she has eighteen.

My personal favourite is the midnight dress, all the wedding dresses and the lindsay lohan dress.

So, what is your opinions on Lotto dresses? Do you like them? Which is your favourite? Do you know someone with all of them?

Monday, 19 September 2011

Superstars and their Dolls

The Beloved Nicki Minaj in her unique style wearing this beautiful outfit.

Cropped Tee = 30SC
Floweral Brocade Skirt = 9SD
Tango Dance Shoes = 30SC
Leather Gloves = 30SC
Headband = 30SC
Tattoo (optional)
Total: 9SD & 120SC

That's all for now.(:   It's ROMAN!!!
Signing off ...
-Mi Mi

Free Handbook Dress

Free HandBook Dress

Free  HanBook  Dress

1)Log in stardoll and Go to this page:

2)Scroll down and on the -Enter your Gift Code section,Paste this code:

3)Click on" Redeem" button
Dress should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite :) ♥


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Makeup Tutorial ♥  
 Hope    you   l i ke    that 
K r i  s t i  n k a k i k i

Clever ideas to decorate your suite!

Hello everyone :)

Are you a non-ss doll and want to decorate your suite but you dont have any ideas?No problem!
Here are some ways to make your suite creative and beautiful using non-ss items!

1.You can cover your suite(including the wardropes) with black neon carpets from pretty in pink.In that way your suite will look bigger and more beautiful ;)If you prefer an other color you can use posters from DIY but this will be more expensive..Then you can put whatever you want in front of them like chairs,tables,posters or plants.

2.You can turn your suite into a kitchen!Use : cupboards and shelves from DIY,a table and 2 chairs,some foods,and finally choose a carpet, some posters and some plants to decorate your "kitchen"!

3.If you'll choose the 1st way to decorate your suite , you'll need to find a new place for your clothes and shoes..This place can be ur 2nd room!Turn it into a fashion room!Buy hangers to put ur clothes ,buy 1 or 2 shoe shelves to put your shoes and also buy some posters,a lamp and some shopping bags to decorate ur fashion room!

4.You can turn your suite into a countryside!How?Buy some of these blue posters called "Piece of heaven" from DIY and cover all your suite with them.Then buy some clouds,plants and,why not,some animals to decorate ur "countryside"!

5.Do you want a bed but as ur not superstar you cant buy one?No problem!!
Look how I made a bed:

I used 2 sofas from DIY,a mattres from Folk and some pillows!

So the only thing you need to make a beautiful suite in stardoll whether you are a superstar or not is creativity and imagination!!Use all you imagination and creativity and the result will be amazing!

So what do you think?Were my ideas useful?I hope so!

Bye :)

Friday, 16 September 2011

MSW & Graphics Ive made (:

[banner made by me!]
So as you know the MSW semi-finalists were chosen... And Im one of them for Ireland! I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you for everyone that voted and to keep on voting me! ;D
Where you picked for you're country too?

Moving on, Ive been working on some stardoll graphics lately. Some are ok, some are terrible, but I'd like you're opinions! [as a beginner I'd like some advice]

Opinions please? (:

Miss Stardoll World 2011--Second Round!

Congratulations to all who made it to the second round!You  thoroughly deserve it!
They are now one step closer to being Miss Stardoll World 2011!
I didn't run for miss stardoll world because I didn't really have a chance!But congrats to all who did try really hard!

Are you in the second round?
What do you think of your representatives?


Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hotbuys-5purpleprincess Investigates

What are Hotbuys: 
Hotbuys are 10 hot trends which are released every month!But I have more shocks for you!

Prices:When i used to be on my old account in 2007 which was called wizzwoman(weird name lol) hotbuys used to be so cheap as proven by these pictures:
I wish prices were still this cheap!The prices have gone up and up and up!Stardoll are making Hotbuys cost more and more!It really is infuriating!

The Shock:
If prices go up the more stardollars you spend meaning lots of people top up!Which obviously makes stardoll lots of money!You also have to be superstar to buy them; which means yep you guessed stardoll make more money!

The Design:
The designs used to be a nice fit and very nice! But now a days the designings are very bad the clothes don't fit as shown by this picture!:

The skirt sits funny on the leg and if you pull it down to make up for that it does not fit on the hips!
Who is the designer? I want stuff that fits! Here is another example:
This is really weird it is a horrible tee shirt which sits really weirdly on the doll!I don't know what stardoll was thinking!Its not hot therefore it is not a hotbuy!

The hotbuys are getting more pricey and the designs are getting more sloppy which means we are not getting value for money!Why cant we go back to the good old days?Stardoll what has happened?Please make the hotbuys cheaper!

What do you think?
Are the prices getting to high?

Stay tuned for more 5purpleprincess Investigates


Monday, 12 September 2011

Inspired Looks!

This is my first post and I'm pretty excited!! Anyway I thought I would post some of my inspired looks for anyone like me who likes to dress up as someone!  Anyways here we go! :D

Katy Perry-Waking up in Vegas
Sorry couldn't find the best pic

What I used-
Basics dress(s)- 50sc
Perfect Day Samba Headpiece-50sc
Fallen Angel Fantasy Gloves-40sc
Glamourous Lauren Earings- 7sd (You can find similar ones for non-SS)
Glamourous Diamond Necklace-6sd (Again you can find similar ones)
Bizou pearl bangles-30 sc
Evil Panda bracelet-10 sc

Selena Gomez-Wizards of Waverly Place

What I used-
Hot Buys vest (not in starplaza anymore)
Fudge Striped Top-50 sc
Evil Panda leggings-40 sc
(Boots and socks are no longer in starplaza but there are a few choices that look similar)

80's Inspired
No specific pic for this one.

What I used-
Miss Sixty pink top-16sd
Fallen Angel Black Tights-30 sc
Suny Bunny Pink legwarmers-40sc
Fudge Pink Sneakers-40sc
Glamourous Pink Earings-50sc

Nicki Minaj-VMA

Not the most acurate but I did the best with what I had.

What I used-
(Any white tank can be used underneath) 
Perfect Day Pink Corset-8 sd
Sunny Bunny Tulle Skirt-11 sd
Evening Falls Bunny Purse-15 sd
Evening Falls Stud Rocket Bag-16 sd
Evening Falls Spiked Pink Leggings-18sd
Sunny Bunny Stockings-11 sd
Sunny Bunny Mismatch Stockings-11sd
Sunny Bunny Cotton Candy Boots-60 sc
(The necklace I used was a prize for the cut-it app)

Hope you enjoyed!

Free Stuffed Bear

-If you live in UK - Log in and Visit Stardoll Cinema HERE
-If you don't live in UK Follow these steps:
Go to UK proxy like
2)Paste stardoll link into the blank box of the proxy site
3)Click Go OR just Hit Enter4)Log in stardoll5)Now in the proxies URL/Address Paste cinema link

And Click Enter/Go and Wait till video page loads
Leave the proxy, Go to stardoll as usual 
Bear should be in a bag in your suite

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Celebrity look-a-like

today i have made a celeb-look-a-like:}D
I hope you like this. Today's look a like is based on the picture above of lady gaga. :]

 what you will need:
1. put on a medium layer of black eyeliner.

2. change lip color

2.put on both kinds of black mascara
4. put on a light layer of ash blue eyeshadow
5. find the matching hairstyle. the ones that match the most are (two pictures above)

6. add highlights. I found that the highlights barely show on the hairstyle above^^
7. add lady gaga styled plastic hair bow(found at GLAMROUS for 6sd. ss)