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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Stardoll History: Lotto dresses

Hello dearest dollies! Told ya I'd fix my banner;)

Recently, I've been looking into some stardollian history and I find it very interesting. So I decided to do some posts about it, because I couldn't really find something that explained it all to me. Especially if you're new to SD you don't understand what everybody is talking about (I didn't) when they say: "lotto dress" "MKA RC" any of you heard that before and have no idea what the hell this person is on about? Let me help you with my first SD history post;)

Lotto Dresses

Yes, we've all heard the word. When SD hit 20 million users they gave away 20 VERY exclusive dresses to random users. Some people claim it was mostly given to non-ss while others say it was given to users with the most starpoints. Want to see what all the fuss is about? Well here they are:
Bai Ling dress;Midnight Blue dress;Christina Malan Gown; Britney Gown; Lily Cole gown

Jennifer Lopez Dress;Beige Dress;Gold-Black Dress;Green Dress;Luisiana Dress;Miley Cyrus Dress

Pale Blue Gown;White wedding gown;Pink wedding gown;White Blue Wedding Gown

Kylie Gown; Black-white dress; Lindsay lohan Gown

These are only 18 0f the 20. I couldn't find a stardoll user with the last two dresses, they seem to be the rarest.

The first thought when looking at these pics are that some are absolutely GORGEOUS while others are really badly made. But some of the ugliest one's are the most wanted! Stardoll users will pay thousands of SD's to get a dress like this.
People are often hacked if they have a lottery dress, that's why most lotto's are kept in storage. 
The Stardoll user with the most Lottery dresses I have heard of is FickyFicky, she has eighteen.

My personal favourite is the midnight dress, all the wedding dresses and the lindsay lohan dress.

So, what is your opinions on Lotto dresses? Do you like them? Which is your favourite? Do you know someone with all of them?


  1. wow!:) Never seen so mny lotto! I think a girl in MSW u.s has the britney gown.I want 2 see the last 2 really badly now!blue dress, lily cole gown,luisiana dress, pink wedding dress, and the pale blue gown r my fave!:)

  2. The only cute one is the last one.

  3. LOL, the last two doesn't follow the normal shape of the doll now, i want to see how actually dolls wearing it, but i guess users that have it, hide it because of scammers and stuff like that.. I wanttt it, to see ittttt