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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Hotbuys-5purpleprincess Investigates

What are Hotbuys: 
Hotbuys are 10 hot trends which are released every month!But I have more shocks for you!

Prices:When i used to be on my old account in 2007 which was called wizzwoman(weird name lol) hotbuys used to be so cheap as proven by these pictures:
I wish prices were still this cheap!The prices have gone up and up and up!Stardoll are making Hotbuys cost more and more!It really is infuriating!

The Shock:
If prices go up the more stardollars you spend meaning lots of people top up!Which obviously makes stardoll lots of money!You also have to be superstar to buy them; which means yep you guessed stardoll make more money!

The Design:
The designs used to be a nice fit and very nice! But now a days the designings are very bad the clothes don't fit as shown by this picture!:

The skirt sits funny on the leg and if you pull it down to make up for that it does not fit on the hips!
Who is the designer? I want stuff that fits! Here is another example:
This is really weird it is a horrible tee shirt which sits really weirdly on the doll!I don't know what stardoll was thinking!Its not hot therefore it is not a hotbuy!

The hotbuys are getting more pricey and the designs are getting more sloppy which means we are not getting value for money!Why cant we go back to the good old days?Stardoll what has happened?Please make the hotbuys cheaper!

What do you think?
Are the prices getting to high?

Stay tuned for more 5purpleprincess Investigates



  1. I totally agree! when I saw that ald dress in the pic I thought, " Wow what a cute dress! I wish I had it!" Then like yesterday I tried to make an outfit with that miniskirt and it is way too short. I do not like a lot of the hb's nowadays.good post!:)

  2. Thankyou so much i just like giving people the truth thankyou : )

  3. Hm.... The pink dress I have it too, but you bought it as a "Pink for October" ( I think that was the name ).
    And the store was for non-ss as I can remember, becuase I was not a superstar. Anyway what I wanted to say is that Stardoll just turned into a hotbuys, it was NOT a hotbuy!

    Hotbuys were alway expensive! I have some from 2008 and older... They are same prices as now.


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  5. There are actually hotbuys that used to be cheap i have added some more picture! xxx