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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Clever ideas to decorate your suite!

Hello everyone :)

Are you a non-ss doll and want to decorate your suite but you dont have any ideas?No problem!
Here are some ways to make your suite creative and beautiful using non-ss items!

1.You can cover your suite(including the wardropes) with black neon carpets from pretty in pink.In that way your suite will look bigger and more beautiful ;)If you prefer an other color you can use posters from DIY but this will be more expensive..Then you can put whatever you want in front of them like chairs,tables,posters or plants.

2.You can turn your suite into a kitchen!Use : cupboards and shelves from DIY,a table and 2 chairs,some foods,and finally choose a carpet, some posters and some plants to decorate your "kitchen"!

3.If you'll choose the 1st way to decorate your suite , you'll need to find a new place for your clothes and shoes..This place can be ur 2nd room!Turn it into a fashion room!Buy hangers to put ur clothes ,buy 1 or 2 shoe shelves to put your shoes and also buy some posters,a lamp and some shopping bags to decorate ur fashion room!

4.You can turn your suite into a countryside!How?Buy some of these blue posters called "Piece of heaven" from DIY and cover all your suite with them.Then buy some clouds,plants and,why not,some animals to decorate ur "countryside"!

5.Do you want a bed but as ur not superstar you cant buy one?No problem!!
Look how I made a bed:

I used 2 sofas from DIY,a mattres from Folk and some pillows!

So the only thing you need to make a beautiful suite in stardoll whether you are a superstar or not is creativity and imagination!!Use all you imagination and creativity and the result will be amazing!

So what do you think?Were my ideas useful?I hope so!

Bye :)


  1. This was very useful your ideas are amazing!

  2. I think it would help if you put up some pics to explain what you mean. Though I think your ideas are really great:)

  3. Yeah I agree with vitalstatistick but great :)

  4. do u mean the Banner or the ded?